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How would you like to automatically spin text to create UNIQUE ARTICLES at almost NO COST?

If you've been marketing online for more than a few days, you've probably heard people saying 'Content is King'.

what they actually mean is


The reason for this is straightforward. Search engines HATE duplicate content! Every search engine, from the mighty Google right down to the tiny little tiddlers make very great efforts to seek out and provide free traffic to sites with content that is UNIQUE

Whether you use 'bum marketing', build niche / 'made for adsense' sites, or use PLR articles to drive traffic to your sales sites, you need UNIQUE CONTENT, and lots of it.

So how do you get your hands on plenty of Unique content?

Get it from article directories
Nope, this doesn't work anymore. Everyone and his kid sister (and probably his pet cat too) is grabbing each article as soon as it appears on the directories, and duplicating it up onto their websites. The net effect is to make YOUR usage of these articles pointless.
Manually tweak PLR articles
Good luck with that. Not only will it take you oodles of time and brainpower, the chances are you won't do it well enough to 'fool' the search engines, let alone a human reader. Even worse, you may unintentionally place 'footprints' in your text, by consistently misspelling something, or using unusual word combinations unconsciously. If you don't agree, come back in a month when you STILL aren't making any money, and pick up from this point.
Pay someone else to write new articles for you
Ah. Rich kid, huh? Article writers want anywhere between $3 and $20 for a few hundred words, so you can quickly end up in the hole for THOUSANDS before you see ANY return. Even worse, you have no guarantee that these 'article writers' don't simply use any one of a number of web tools to 'borrow' content from elsewhere, and make a few simple changes to it in order to fool you into believing it's unique. They won't fool the search engines, of course. Synonym word replacement, juggling paragraph order, mixing paragraphs from multiple sources - all these tricks are old hat (and 'black hat' too!) , and the search engines are wise to them. Hiring people from forums, or scriptlance-style sites guarantees only one thing for sure - a smaller bank balance as you pay them for each and every word they write/borrow/steal/repurpose for you.
Use a 'content spinner'
So-called 'article spinners' or 'content rewriters' such as 'ContentManglerPro' or 'TheBesterestSpinnerizer' supposedly take text and magically change it into 'new' and 'unique' content. For a hundred bucks or less, download a whizzy exe that promises to give you free content forever. Do they work? Of course not. You either end up with gibberish, or you have to spend hours slaving away adding weird curly braces and word replacements into the text before you can even begin. This usually takes you longer than simply rewriting the article by hand! Even worse, search engines are not fooled by these tools, because the grammatical errors they introduce are EASY for the PANDA to spot!. Plus, you have to download an exe and have NO idea what it's actually going to do once it's on your computer (think Adware. Think Spyware. Think twice!).

So is there no hope for article marketing and content rewriting?



contentboss unique article generator

your source of INCREDIBLE UNIQUE CONTENT, at a price that will amaze you!

ContentBoss is the revolutionary next-generation tool for manipulating articles and text (or 'content wrangling' as we call it). You don't need to do anything except paste your text into ContentBoss, and press a button. No complicated 'curly braces' or 'synonym lists' to maintain. Cut, paste, click, done. A unique new article for you to use on your blog, site, emails or directory. Even better, you can click again, and get another version of it. And again. Hundreds of times, if you like. If it's English text, you can wrangle it! The output from ContentBoss is, in our opinion, actually often BETTER than the typical standard of English used in articles nowadays, so it's effectively up to $5,000 of unique content for only a few dollars each month! Think how successful your article marketing could be if you had $5,000 to spend on article creation every month!

ContentBoss is about as far removed from other 'content spinners' as it's possible to get. As the very first (and best!) spinner to hit the web, it uses a different method to spin text, and consequently doesn't suffer from any of the drawbacks common in other tools. As an online system, can be used from anywhere you have an internet connection! Here's a quick comparison showing just how much better ContentBoss is than 'a.n.other spinner' (the example text is from an ezines article spun with the other spinner's own 'demo' page, so you can try it for yourself!!!).

original text
a.n.other spinner (in 'best' mode!!!)
Stock trading involves picking a stock that is currently at a low price per share and then selling it when it increases in value. The time frame for this strategy is essentially completely open. That is, you can purchase the stock and hold it for a few years before selling it. However, with day trading, you would perform your sales in a much more rapid manner. In some instances, you would buy and sell the stock in the same day. If you invest a great deal of money and earn a small profit on it, the profit will be quantified by the high amount of the initial investment. For example, investing $10,000 in a stock in the morning and selling at the close of the day for $10,300 is a nice profit for one day's work: $300. Options trading involves selecting a stock that is currently cost per share after which selling it when zinc heightens in value. Some time frame for this strategy is basically completely open. That may be, may buy the stock and hold it for a few years before selling it. However, with day trading, you'll perform profits in an infinitely more rapid manner. In some instances, you would exchange the stock in the 24 hour. Should you invest a lot of money and earn a small profit into it, the net income will probably be quantified from the large quantities with the energy production. By way of example, investing $10,000 inside a very stock in the morning and selling along at the close of waking time for $10,300 is often a nice profit for one day's work: $300.

Errors highlighted in red. With so many errors in this one small paragraph, it's an easy 'catch' for Google's Panda syntax analyser precheck.

Investing involves selecting a share that presently is at a reasonable price per share and then selling it when it goes up in value. The time-frame for this tactic is essentially totally open. That is, you can buy the stock and hold it for a couple of years before selling it. But, with day-trading, you would perform your sales in a much faster way. In some examples, you would purchase and offload the stock in the same day. If you invest a lot of money and earn a little profit on it, the gain will be measured by the high level of the original investment. For instance, investing $10,000 in a stock in the morning and selling at the day's end for $10,300 is a reasonable return for one day's work : $300.

ContentBoss version may be less 'unique', but it's definitely Grammatically correct!

But how does it work?

The wrangler is a revolutionary piece of software that automatically rewrites any piece of text you give it in order to make it unique, including any PLR content you want to re-use . In short, you can take your English content, wrangle it by clicking a single button, and automatically create a new unique version that you can use on your own site, submit to article directories, blogs, or use anywhere else.

The technology behind the 'wrangler' is a closely guarded secret, but we can say this - the software engineers who built it, without exception, are all published authors, are English graduates, and have over 2 decades each in software development. The combination of knowledge about the English language, software building, and the man years of effort that went into creating the wrangler are unparalleled in internet marketing history, and are unlikely ever to be repeated. For the technically minded, here's a clue - you have to do far more than just replace words in order to make something unique! In fact, here's why a badly spun article can seriously damage your wealth!

But wait - there's more - introducing the 'Content Assistant'!

What if you don't even have any text to wrangle? Easy. Just give the Content Assistant a couple of words (e.g. "credit cards") and the system will find something suitable, bringing it back and wrangling it for you automatically in order to create a totally new and unique article. This feature is equivalent to 'article wizard' type systems that cost more than ContentBoss just for that one feature, and we add this in as a free bonus!!! Build professional-quality articles in MINUTES using the incredible content wizard pro, provided free as part of your membership!

PLR Articles Free!

Included in your ContentBoss membership is the 'PLR Warehouse'. This is hundreds of thousands of full PLR articles on almost every subject ready for you to use. You can search by keyword, and then click a button to get a ready-wrangled unique version of the original PLR article for you site or blog. Why pay extra for PLR? ContentBoss supplies it free, and already modified just for you!

ContentBoss articles are GOOD

They've been used to pass human editing standards, not just for article directories, but also for adsense-style programs that require a reference site in order to admit you. Blogs created with ContentBoss look just like real human-edited blogs, and pass any tests put to them. Check out the demo autoblog here. If you need lots of unique content, and you need it cheap, sign up for ContentBoss now!

STOP PRESS! EXTRA BONUS!!! ContentBoss now comes with 'How to make money with Articles' section. This masterclass was written by a pro blogger who pulls 5 figs a month, just from blogs. And we're giving it to you FREE!

STOP PRESS 2!!! ContentBoss can now be used to generate jet spinner syntax AUTOMATICALLY using an easy one page screen!

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