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free jet spinning

Paste your 'jet spinner' text into the box and press the button. STOP PRESS!!! Now supports jetspinner 'randomizer' enhancements!!!

jet spinning

jet spinning means writing multiple versions of an article that are then randomly assembled into one unique piece of text. Jet spinners require you to create several 'variations' for each paragraph, sentence or sentence fragment, in a special format using {} and | characters. For example, if your original text was:-

the cat sat on the mat.

you might write this:-

the {cat|moggie|pussy|kitten} {sat|was sitting|was playing|snuggled} on the {mat|carpet|rug}

when the jet spinner analyzes your text, it randomly choose one example from within each set of curly brackets to create a legible sensible alternative, for example:-

the moggie was sitting on the rug

While jetspinning is a useful tool, and is in fact the basis of most other 'content spinners' out there, the drawback is that it requires you to work. You'll spend 30 minutes or more creating jetspinner syntax for even a small article. And whether it makes sense at the end of it depends on how good you are at writing, how well you understand how to create jetspinner syntax, and that kind of thing. Miss one bracket off, or miscount the number of opening and clo9sing braces, and all your hard work becomes gibberish. Which is why we created contentBoss.

ContentBoss DOESN'T MAKE YOU WORK. You DON'T HAVE TO WRITE JETSPINNER SYNTAX ANYMORE! Just paste your text in and click the button - done. Ask how much a half hour of your life is worth, because that's what you'll have to spend if you just use oldskool 'jetspinners' - half an hour for EACH AND EVERY article! With contentBoss, on the other hand, it takes only a few seconds, and nothing more than a button push. Go on! Reclaim your life! sign up today!




Today's Tips:

ALWAYS make PLR Articles unique before you use them!


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