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Make up to $124 per customer per year Lifetime Recurring Commissions! Details are here

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earnings report
February 2018(to be paid April 2018)
0 signups @ $14$0
January 2018(to be paid March 2018)
0 signups @ $14$0
Commission: $14 per signup
  • we pay an initial commission for each paying customer you refer to us
  • referrals are tracked by a cookie, which is good for 365 days, and is on a first come, first served basis.
  • any data shown in the report may fluctuate based on disputes/refunds being issued which are subject to manual override. Recurring payments may not show until the end of the month for obvious reasons.
  • your referrals are entitled to our current discount on the standard monthly subscription price.
  • payments are made to the paypal account as entered in the 'contact email' field of your account.
  • we reserve the right to withhold any payments based on our T&Cs (see below) and at the discretion of the management. Earnings are typically paid on or around the first of the month. Note that we wait a full month before paying commissions due, in order to allow for adjustments such as refunds, chargebacks etc, so for example, commissions earned in January would typically be paid on or around 1st March. Payments are paid net of any transaction charges (including Paypal charges). You can only refer any other individual once. An individual is a person or other entity, or a Paypal account. You can not refer yourself. Referrals are only credited for introductions to new customers.


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