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Pass Copyscape - free!

how to 'pass copyscape' free!

it never ceases to amaze hardened internet professionals when newbies pop up on forums asking 'how can I pass copyscape'. Or perhaps put in requests to commission articles that 'must pass copyscape'. First of all, 'passing copyscape' won't help you get traffic. Copyscape isn't a general purpose search engine - it's a content theft detection tool.

Secondly, copyscape works by using 3 word fragments (or 'shingles' as they are known in the trade) to detect pages that are similar. The fact of the matter is that this shingling technique, good as it is for detecting plagiarism where a human operator is involved, is USELESS for determining how 'unique' a page is. This is because there is so much content out there nowadays, the liklihood is that ANY 3 word combination you care to think of has actually already been used somewhere. Google etc may not have indexed it, but it's out there nonetheless.

That, of course, is why Google and other search engines don't use that technique to determine uniqueness. If they did, they'd NEVER have anything unique in their indexes.

Still, newbies keep on asking for it, and there are even unscrupulous sites offering a 'uniquifier' service or a so-called 'content hurricane' program that will allegedly 'allow you to pass copyscape' or 'make your content unique'. The truth is simple - you can pass copyscape by misspelling every third word. Try it if you don't believe this!

And that, of course, is how these cheesy programs work - they 'misspell' by substituting characters in your text for their 'HTML codes'. To a simple beast like copyscape, this does of course make it 'unique'. The problem is the search engines. To something as sophisticated as Google, all you've done is put a big red flag on your site saying 'I think I can fool Google by deliberately trying to obfuscate my content'. Make a wild guess what Google does when it finds sites like this. That's right. BAN. Instantly. And permanently. After all, the one cardinal sin in the Google hymnbook is trying to manipulate their algorithms.

Truth be told, Google LOVE it when newbies try this trick, it's a very simple thing to detect, and the instant ban removes at least one 'spam' site from the index with almost no work. If you have multiple sites, they'll likely all get associated and banned.

So, rather than let you waste $127 or $99 or whatever they charge nowadays, we are going to provide you with a FREE 'uniquifier' or 'content hurricane' style system. Just cut and paste your text into the box and hit the 'magic' button. That's how valuable we think this technique is - we give it away free. *** IMPORTANT *** Be warned that this is for entertainment purposes only - if you actually try to use this stuff on a real website, chances are you'll get banned instantly! Don't say we didn't warn you!

enter your text here

this is the result of 'uniquifying' it.



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