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PLR Warehouse
Specify some keywords (e.g. +credit +cards or "credit cards") and press the 'find' button.

PLR Warehouse Instructions

The PLR Warehouse contains countless PLR articles on an incredible variety of topics. You can search for articles on the topic you need, and then click a button to 'get' an article, which will be already wrangled to make it unique so you can immediately use it.

Enter the keywords you are interested in and press the 'find' button. You can narrow down your search by using the usual search syntax (+, - and " quotes). Only words longer than THREE letters will be searched. You can look for EXACT matches on words shorter than four letters by using quotes e.g. "dog training"

You will then see a list of articles that match your keyword specification. If there are more than 20 results, there will be 'next' / 'previous' buttons. An example search might be:-

+credit +cards


"weight training"

The resulting article list has the original PLR article title, and a short description taken from the article itself. If you click the 'go get it' button next to the title, a popup window will open, with the article ready-wrangled for you and ready for instant use . Cut and paste it wherever you like. Each time you click the button, by the way, the article will be re-wrangled to make it unique again.



Today's Tips:

ALWAYS make PLR Articles unique before you use them!


The duplicate content myth exposed

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